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LAS VEGAS STORE: 3215 S. Rancho Drive #100, Las Vegas NV 89102
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  • The OMEGA ACCESS EXPERIENCE is an optional RFID card add-on that allows you to interact with devices at Omega Mart and experience our world on a different level.
  • Discover the story of America’s most exceptional grocery store and the wholesome family-owned multinational mega-corporation behind it!

Is OMEGA ACCESS right for me?

  • Many people choose to simply explore Omega Mart on their own on their first visit. With or without the CARD, there's plenty to discover.
  • The OMEGA ACCESS EXPERIENCE takes an additional 1-2 hours to complete.

Where do I get an OMEGA ACCESS CARD?

  • Your group can request a CARD at the Omega Access Kiosk inside Omega Mart.
  • You can opt in at ANY TIME during your stay.
  • The best experience for families or small groups is to share one CARD. You can ask for more info when you check in at the door.


  • Not at all! Your CARD is an optional add-on that allows you to collect stories and experiences around Omega Mart.
  • With or without the CARD, we invite you to WANDER, EXPLORE, and GET LOST in our world of savings.

How do I use my OMEGA ACCESS CARD to interact with Omega Mart?

  • “Boop” your CARD at devices with this symbol and you’re on your way!

Does my Omega Access Card expire?

  • Unlike our Camel Milk, Omega Access Cards do not expire.
hand holding an RFID card against a machine
Just “boop” at this symbol and you’re on your way!
Omega Mart employee text with a robot face
You can access your DRAM DRIVE anytime at a KIOSK to see your progress.

How do I use my OMEGA ACCESS CARD to access my DRAM Drive?

  • To access your inventory: Boop your CARD at any Kiosk to review everything you've collected.
  • OR To access your inventory on your mobile device scan the QR code on your CARD with your phone and log on from your browser.

Can I reuse my OMEGA ACCESS CARD on a second visit?

  • YES! You can bring your CARD along with you on all visits and pick up right where you left off. There is always more to find at Omega Mart!

Am I getting a “real” job at Omega Mart?

  • NO! This is an additional, entirely optional, way for visitors to immerse themselves in the Omega Mart experience.

Can I use my OMEGA ACCESS CARD at Convergence Station?

  • The OMEGA ACCESS CARD currently only works at Omega Mart.

Get TICKETS to Omega Mart HERE. You can join the Dramily with the OMEGA ACCESS CARD once you are in the store!

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